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Address configurator - Fields Hide
Address configurator - Fields Hide allows you to set fields in customer address as hidden, o..
20€ 15€
Ex Tax: 15€
Auto SEO Extended Add/Reset
Auto SEO automatically generates SEO keywords from names of products, categories, manuf..
20€ 15€
Ex Tax: 15€
Automatic Order Mail
Automatic Order Mail allows you to configure any number of emails which will be sent to cust..
30€ 20€
Ex Tax: 20€
Balikobot Integration
Balikobot Integration allow to integrate Balikobot system to your e-shop. Balikobot is very ..
49€ 39€
Ex Tax: 39€
Comfortable Checkout
Comfortable Checkout reduces checkout proccess. All checkout data, shipping and payment..
80€ 60€
Ex Tax: 60€
Custom Menu Magic
Custom Menu Magic allows you to create multiple menus that can be used as modules or set as ..
40€ 25€
Ex Tax: 25€
Float Product Quantity
Float Quantity allows you to set quantity and minimum orderable quantity of product as decimal nu..
30€ 25€
Ex Tax: 25€
Multiple Attributes
Multiple Attributes allows you to allows you to set multiple values for the same attribute in pro..
15€ 7€
Ex Tax: 7€
Payment GoPay
Payment GoPay adds payment method using GoPay payment gateway. NEW: Now you can choose i..
50€ 40€
Ex Tax: 40€
Payment Homecredit
Payment Homecredit adds payment method using Homecredit loan service. Comes with module show..
60€ 40€
Ex Tax: 40€
Payment PaySec
Payment PaySec adds payment method using PaySec payment gateway. Supported OpenCart Versions ..
50€ 40€
Ex Tax: 40€
Payment PayU
Payment PayU adds payment method using PayU payment gateway. Allows you to pay by bank trans..
50€ 40€
Ex Tax: 40€
Payment ProxyPay
Payment ProxyPay adds Ceska sporitelna payment gateway to your payment methods. Sup..
50€ 40€
Ex Tax: 40€
Payment Twisto adds payment method using Twisto payment gateway. Module works for standa..
80€ 70€
Ex Tax: 70€
Price Filter Slider
Price Filter Slider allows your customers to filter products in category according to price ..
18€ 14€
Ex Tax: 14€

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