Product Price In Currency

Product Price In Currency
Product Price In Currency Product Price In Currency Product Price In Currency
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Product Price In Currency allows you to set product prices for every currency separately. Conversion rate will not be used to calculate price then. You can set all product prices - normal price, specials, discounts, option prices. If you will not set price in some currency (or set 0), price will be automatically calculated from default product price and conversion rate.


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Password: demo

Supported OpenCart Versions

directory OpenCart version
1.5.5 1.5.4.x, 1.5.5.x, 1.5.6.x


Always backup your files and database before installing any modification to prevent loosing your data!

  1. Choose directory corresponding to your OpenCart version
  2. Upload file install.php into root directory of your OpenCart e-shop.
  3. In your browser go to page http://<YOUR STORE URL>/install.php. If everything goes well you will see text message about successfull instalation.
  4. Update OpenCart files. There are two ways to do this:
    • use vQmod
      • upload file ProductPriceInCurrency.xml into vqmod xml directory
    • alter files manually
      • go through all files in file ProductPriceInCurrency.xml and make corresponding changes in files of your OpenCart installation

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