Czech Invoice

Czech Invoice
Czech Invoice
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Czech Invoice adds data into standard Opencart invoice to meet criteria for czech e-shop. With this module you can

  • set due date as number of days since invoice create day,
  • choose tax due date from order create date, order complete date and invoice create date,
  • add store logo and image of stamp with signature
  • add bank transfer data - bank account, bank code, IBAN, SWIFT, constant symbol and variable symbol (order ID or invoice ID)
  • add yout company ID and tax ID

There are new product columns added - unit price ex. tax, tax rate, total ex. tax and total inc. tax. This module also adjusts totals listing - all totals (except for sub-total, taxes and total) are listed in product table. Taxes recapitulation table is added under product table.


  • taxes are shown correctly only for shipping total - other total modules are listed with zero tax (but total is calculated correctly)
  • module assumes using only percentage tax rates

Supported OpenCart Versions

directory OpenCart version
1.5.5 1.5.5.x, 1.5.6.x


Always backup your files and database before installing any modification to prevent loosing your data!

  1. Choose directory corresponding to your OpenCart version
  2. Upload files from directory upload into root directory of your OpenCart installation via FTP client
    • no files will be overwritten unless you have installed extension with the same filename
  3. If you do not use  vQmod go through all changes described in file vqmod/xml/CzechInvoice.xml and make corresponding changes in your files
  4. Add texts into your language files
    • extension comes with czech and english language files only. Phrases for any other language need to be added manually
  5. If you have made any changes in default Opencart invoice, you have to make corresponding changes in module files
    • module uses its own code to create invoices and its own invoice template
  6. Install module in Extension -> Modules and edit module settings

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