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Shipping2Payment - In Stock
Shipping2Payment allows you to disable some combinations of shipping and payment method. You can set which payment methods are disabled with certain shipping method in your OpenCart administration on page of shipping methods. Supported OpenCar..
15€ 10€
Ex Tax: 10€
Set Price Inc Tax 2.0
Set Price Inc Tax 2.0 - In Stock
Set Price Inc Tax allows you to set prices inclusive tax in administration. All prices can be set inclusive or exclusive tax - main product price, options prices, special and discount prices. If you set price inclusive tax, corresponding pric..
Ex Tax: 19€
Comfortable Checkout
Comfortable Checkout - In Stock
Comfortable Checkout reduces checkout proccess. All checkout data, shipping and payment method are set on one page and after confirmation on second page order is created. Totals are calculated dynamically on selected options. Includes Sh..
80€ 60€
Ex Tax: 60€
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Address configurator - Fields Hide
Address configurator - Fields Hide allows you to set fields in customer address as hidden, o..
20€ 15€
Ex Tax: 15€
Attribute Filter
Attribute Filter allows your customer to filter products in category listing by product attr..
Ex Tax: 24€
Colored Order Status
Colored Order Status allows you to set custom background and font color for every order stat..
Ex Tax: 10€
Comfortable Checkout
Comfortable Checkout reduces checkout proccess. All checkout data, shipping and payment..
80€ 60€
Ex Tax: 60€
Company ID and VAT ID
Company ID and VAT ID adds two new fields for company ID and VAT ID whenever payment address appe..
Ex Tax: 10€
Based on 1 reviews.
Czech Invoice
Czech Invoice adds data into standard Opencart invoice to meet criteria for czech e-shop. Wi..
Ex Tax: 20€
Extended Order Satus
Extended Order Status allows you to add custom text message to e-mail notifying about update of o..
Ex Tax: 10€
Float Product Quantity
Float Quantity allows you to set quantity and minimum orderable quantity of product as decimal nu..
30€ 25€
Ex Tax: 25€
Free Downloads
Free Downloads allows you to mark some of your downloads as free. These downloads are shown ..
Ex Tax: 15€
Based on 1 reviews.
Interactive Product Options
Interactive Product Option make options on product detail page interactive what means that d..
Ex Tax: 10€
Based on 1 reviews.
Invoice ID Length
Invoice ID Length allows you to set minimal length of invoice ID. If invoice ID is shorter t..
Ex Tax: 0€
Language Code In URL
Language Code In URL adds language code so will become http://ex..
Ex Tax: 20€
Multiple Attributes
Multiple Attributes allows you to allows you to set multiple values for the same attribute in pro..
15€ 7€
Ex Tax: 7€
Multistore Extensions Manager
Multistore Extensions Manager allows you to disable extension to selected customer groups. D..
Ex Tax: 30€
No Zone in Address
No Zone in Address hides mandatory zone selection in addresses. This is disabled in checkout..
Ex Tax: 7€

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